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A Tender Roughness


Simply Sophisticated Publishing

Genre: Contemporary

Series: Impressions - Book 2

Format: E-Book




Will the stubborn biker be able to resist of the persuasive businessman, who could match him in all ways? 

Kincaid Vaughn knows what he likes in a man. And the redheaded cowboy is so far from his usual type. When passion

between them explodes, he goes with it. But he wakes to find that the man has left with no word, and that he is not just any cowboy, but Alistair James--brother to Kincaid’s good friend. Kincaid is pissed. In his opinion, Alistair puts money above family, which is something Kincaid cannot accept. He decides he is only mildly annoyed, or at least that’s what he tells himself. The return of Alistair and his declaration that he is back to make Kincaid his is baffling. Kincaid decides that a fling with the sexy man is fine, but no emotion or getting attached. But Alistair’s determined pursuit may change his mind… eventually.

Alistair James knew from the time he laid eyes on the sensual biker that he would make him his…every ornery, stubborn, and arrogant inch of him. Kincaid might say it was just sex, but with his every touch, things he did and the way he treated him, Alistair knew the truth. The hardheaded man wanted him now and forever. Alistair would just have to use his considerable skills of persuasion and orneriness. And if that didn’t work, then doing what he wants to bring Kincaid around to his way of thinking. It will take A Tender Roughness to get the man that was made only for him… each and every edible inch.



Warning: This excerpt contains adult content. 18 and over only, please.

  A sound made him turn, and his breath caught as he viewed the black horse. Its powerful front legs kicked up, and then it dropped back down and raced around the paddock. A chestnut horse raced out of a small building that was part of the paddock. It joined the black one, and they ran around the enclosed area.

“No way it hell am I riding that,” Kincaid whispered.

Kincaid turned back to the cabin. He stared at the man who was now standing on the porch. The rangy man came down the stairs in a long-legged, confident stride. His face was shadowed under a dark brown Stetson he wore over deep copper-red hair. A braid rested over one broad shoulder with its tail end coming to rest against a flat abdomen. Kincaid sucked in a breath as the man came closer, his features becoming clearer.

Smooth, silky-looking pale white skin offset bright blue eyes framed with curly lashes. Sloping forehead, high cheeks, slightly flared nose, and a firm chin came together to make him devastatingly handsome. But it was his lush, full lips that caught Kincaid. The lips were meant to be kissed, licked, and worshipped. Kincaid was six-foot-three, and this man matched him in height. Something about him seemed familiar, but Kincaid couldn’t figure out why. He glanced down the man’s frame. The wide shoulders tapered down into a full chest, then a narrow waist and into full hips. His legs were encased in comfortable-looking jeans. He stood with booted feet braced apart.

I want to see that ass. Kincaid’s cock went rock hard, and he stifled a groan, wondering how the jeans would hug that butt that he could cup perfectly in his hands. He would bet his bike on it. The man wasn’t even his type, but with a body like his, Kincaid could overlook that.

“Kincaid Vaughn?” a surprisingly deep voice asked.

Kincaid raised his eyes and met those bright blues. His eyes narrowed as he noted the coldness in them. He took in the slightly nasty curl to those full lips. Crossing his arms over his barrel chest, the man’s eyes dropped, taking in Kincaid’s tats. He met Kincaid’s gaze again. The coldness in his eyes seemed to have increased.

“That’s me. Where’s Jolie?” He wasn’t about to observe the niceties of being friendly.

Kincaid had no idea who this guy was but already he didn’t like him one bit. He just wanted him gone.

“Jolie sent me. She has been unavoidably detained. I’m to make sure you enjoy your stay at AJ Ranch.” There was a slight sneer in his tone.

“My, my. Aren’t we sounding all hoity-toity? No need to put yourself out. I’ll come another time when I can have better company.” Kincaid smiled, slow and insolent.

The man’s eyes narrowed, and then his lips thinned. Kincaid gave him a mocking salute, then turned and went back to his bike.

“I understand if you don’t think you can cut it on a horse,” he stated in a cold challenge.

Kincaid stopped, back rigid. He looked back. The red-head smiled coldly, then tucked his hands into his front pockets. Kincaid grabbed his jacket, helmet, and bag off the back of his bike and walked back over to him. He raised one eyebrow. Mr Hoity-Toity made a mocking gesture for Kincaid to follow him, then strode to the steps of the porch. Kincaid bit off a curse at the sight of the ass that surpassed what he had imagined.

Just my luck to be stuck with an asshole who has a fine ass. Kincaid chuckled at the irony.
  Copyright Talia Carmichael, 2011.
All Rights Reserved.

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  Kathy at BlackRavens Review gives 4 Ravens! She says in part: “In A Tender Roughness Talia Carmichael pairs biker Kincaid Vaughn with buttoned down business man Alistair James and the combination proves to be irresistible and incredibly sexy.”

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