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Simply Sophisticated Publishing

Genre: Contemporary

Series: Something in Common  - Book 6

Format: E-Book




Treble Duo, the haven facility, is now up and running, and that is Theron Longoria’s one and only focus until he sees Aristotle Berkus. He’s met the grouchy, crowd-hating man several times, but each time, Theron is more and more intrigued. After meeting Theron, Aristotle realizes what a wonderful mystery of a man he’s found, and although he plans on taking things slow, he’s not planning on letting Theron go.

Between a barbecue get-together and a chance to help a little girl find a new home, Theron and Aristotle discover they need each other to navigate the new life they are starting together.



Warning: This excerpt contains adult content. 18 and over only, please.


Theron paced Aristotle, walking beside him as they set off to his house. Theron enjoyed just being with Aristotle without talking. They were silent as they went along the path that led to his home. The trees and sounds Theron had become accustomed to already surrounded them. It usually took about twenty minutes to get from the center to his place. To Theron, the walk passed so quickly.


“Come in and I’ll show you my grill. Maybe even make you something,” Theron offered as they stopped at the bottom steps.

“Is that like showing me your etchings?” Aristotle’s lips twitched.

“No.” Theron bit his lips, trying not to laugh, then spoke again. “Del, Bur, and Bernie gave me a housewarming gift. They had a commercial grill built in the backyard, and also a portable one with all the things I would need to run them both. Both use gas as well as charcoal. Then, to top it off,they got me a good-sized deep freezer and gave me enough meat and poultry that I can throw a huge ass party and not have to buy much meat.” He eyed Aristotle. “Seems like I’m around some very generous folks.”

“Yes, and being such a gracious man, you accepted it without any back talk.” Aristotle grinned. “Although it’s tempting to come see your grill and have you cook on it for me, I’m going to have pass for now.”

Aristotle pulled him close and kissed Theron thoroughly, then stepped back. Theron took a step forward, then caught himself. Aristotle turned and made his way to his truck.

“We don’t have any chaperones today.” Theron shifted to try to relieve pressure on his erection in his jeans.

“We’re taking our time, Theron. Build the anticipation.”

“Anticipation is overrated.”

  Copyright Talia Carmichael, 2012.
All Rights Reserved.

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