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Long Hard Ride


Simply Sophisticated Publishing


Series: Prentiss- Book 2

Format: E-Book




A widower who after years of being alone is tempted by a man who he didn’t know was wooing him.

Paxton Lawson has rebuilt a life after losing his life partner. For his sons he’s moved to Prentiss and found a new place to belong. He’s made friends and enjoys the community. But when one friend he has made makes his intentions known Paxton is

shocked then tempted. Windsor is smart, able to debate books and any other number of things, and sexy. The sexy part Paxton has not faced…at least until now. Now that he is aware he can’t seem to get over the fact that this man who is a friend wants him. Paxton can’t decide if he’d rather go back to being oblivious or give into the need Windsor has awakened. How do you deal with a man who makes you remember that you’re a man who has needs? You hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

Windsor Broadhurst has gotten to know Paxton very well. From the first sight of the intense man he knew he wanted him for his own. But he also knew before he approached Paxton he wanted to know Paxton as a friend. Once he did the desire he felt only strengthened. Now he is ready to let the captivating horse breeder know he wanted much more than friendship. He lays out his intentions and waits to see what Paxton decides. What he gets will surpass what he expected. Only time will tell if Paxton will be able to let go of the past to embrace a future with him. Windsor is ready willing and able to continue with Paxton on his…Long Hard Ride.



Warning: This excerpt contains adult content. 18 and over only, please.


“Nope. That’s gonna be Saturday. We changed it because Morgan has plans to take Blayne out. You seem to know the weekly movie night schedule better than I do. The kids are always having to remind me when and where it is.” Paxton smiled.


Windsor watched the smile that he wanted under his lips and made a decision.


“I remember when it concerns someone I’ve come to care for.” Windsor was surprised his voice had deepened, and by how much he really meant what he’d said.


Paxton paused, glancing up at him. His expression was startled, shocked, then his eyes narrowed. Windsor leaned against the open stall door, waiting for him to work it out. He could see when it dawned on Paxton. He lowered the brush out of Ra’s mane.


“I’ll be damned. You’ve been courting me,” Paxton accused.


“Yep.” Windsor didn’t see any need in denying it.


“I haven’t been courted since…” Paxton trailed off and his eyes became shadowed with pain.


Windsor figured he was thinking of his deceased husband, Adam. He knew the basics—that Paxton’s partner had died almost six years ago.


“I’m a forty-five-year-old man, Windsor. Too old to be courted. You don’t want me. Is that why you became my friend? To get close to me to…? What the hell do you want?” Paxton demanded.


“I know how old you are, Paxton. I was there at your birthday party. You could be a hundred and two and not be too old for courting. Everyone should feel the centre of someone’s attention. I’m thirty-five, Paxton, and old enough to know what I want. I’m not your friend to just get close to you. I wanted to get to know you. I’d still find you intriguing, Paxton, and I want to be your friend,” he stated firmly, then lowered his eyelids. “Being attracted to you happened instantly. And I can’t…no… I don’t want to shake the feeling you invoke in me.”


Paxton gulped, then asked quietly, “What feeling?”


“I think about you often, Paxton. Enjoy our conversations. And look forward to when I can next see you. I find that I can’t seem to keep you out of my mind. And I like the feeling. I want to explore what I feel between us.” Windsor closed the distance between them as he spoke.


He was standing a hairsbreadth away from Paxton by the time he had finished speaking. Windsor could smell him. Paxton’s scent was man, sweat and horse all blended together to make Windsor want to lay him down and fuck him. But Windsor held the need in check. He hadn’t come this far to spook Paxton. And he could see that Paxton was rattled by the way he held himself. If Windsor made one gesture, Paxton would back off and run.


Paxton’s jaw clenched and he stepped back. “I—”


Windsor cut Paxton off, hearing the regret in his tone. “Think about it. Give it some honest thought. I’ll be back in person when the Lisa Gardner book is in. You can answer me then. I’ll still call on Sunday for our book discussion.”


Paxton didn’t respond. Windsor backed up and placed the book on a table just outside the stall, turned on his heel, then walked away. At the door, he paused and glanced back. Paxton was in the stall doorway, staring after him. Windsor smiled, nodded, then turned his head and continued on his way. The ball was now in Paxton’s court.

  Copyright Talia Carmichael, 2012.
All Rights Reserved.

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