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No Commitment Necessary


Simply Sophisticated Publishing

Genre: Contemporary/Western

Series: Encounters  - Book 2

Format: E-Book




To commit or not to commit—it’s not even a question for laid-back cowboy Nate Bailey. Since he doesn’t do relationships and values his peace of mind, his initial reaction to the temptation of his coworker, Kevin Matthews, is a clear no. Then Kevin counteroffers “no-strings sex” and the game changes. Or does it?

Kevin Matthews wants to build a new life. Masterson Ranch is a great place for it, and the handsome cowboy who showed him the ropes when he started working on the ranch is just the man he’s looking for. The problem is Nate’s fear of commitment. Hoping to entice him, Kevin offers a casual arrangement—but soon Kevin has to admit to himself that he wants all of Nate, not just his body.



Warning: This excerpt contains adult content. 18 and over only, please.


The startled look on Kevin’s face was funny. Nate chuckled and focused on his sandwich and coffee. Soon he was finished and crushed the foil before closing the lid on the thermos. He handed the thermos to Kevin but held it as he took it.

“I don’t ever ask a question I don’t want the answer to.” Nate moved his head closer. “And you should be careful who you choose to study so much you know their favorite lunch meat.” He released the thermos.

Kevin took it and set it on his other side. “I know what Vic likes too. That doesn’t mean anything.” Kevin licked his lips.

“Maybe not.” Nate softened his voice. “But in my case I highly doubt that.”

“What do you want from me, Nate?”

Kevin’s voice had deepened, and Nate’s cock hardened. Kevin licked his lips again, and this time Nate couldn’t stop himself. He leaned in and followed the tongue with his own. Kevin jerked and moaned, the sensation vibrating against Nate’s tongue.

What are you doing? This is a bad idea. The thought didn’t stop him from following the sound, moving his tongue along the plump skin of Kevin’s lips.

“Let me in,” he growled.

Kevin opened, moving closer. Nate took his offering, kissing him hungrily. Kevin met him with his own tongue, and they fought for dominance of the kiss. Nate grunted as Kevin gave in and relaxed into the kiss, opening more.

  Copyright Talia Carmichael, 2012.
All Rights Reserved.

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