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One Good Man


Simply Sophisticated Publishing

Genre: Contemporary

Series: Impressions - Book 4

Format: E-Book




When a man who has lost his belief there are any good men meets a man who sees inside his hidden depths he’s unsure what to do…


Gabriel Simmons loves his work at Vaughn Choppers. Building custom bikes and restoring cars is his passion. He has a knack for it and for bringing out their hidden depths. The man he meets while doing a favour for his boss and friend will tests him, drawing him out of his shell. He wants to find out what makes Mace tick. The man resists him yet looks at him as if he wants all Gabe has to give. Gabe is more than willing to take him up on the offer he sees in his eyes. But first he needs to get Mace to verbalise his desires.

Mace Hutton is being driven daft by a man who is nothing like any other man he has been attracted to. Gabe is a danger to his hard-fought plan to keep free from entanglements. The contrast of the big bear of a man and his gentleness makes Mace long to feel his touch. He can’t take the chance…yet Mace cannot get the man out of his mind. He’s been burnt enough to know there are no good men out there. Or have his assumptions been wrong? Is there one good man who is just right for him?



Warning: This excerpt contains adult content. 18 and over only, please.


Mace stopped by the stove and breathed in and out. Gabe looked so good. Mace’s hand shook as he reached out and turned off the oven then checked the burners of the stove.

Control. Friends having lunch, watching the race and relaxing, he reminded himself.

“Mace… Are you okay?” Gabe asked, touching his back.

The touch coupled with Gabe’s voice made him shudder. Mace turned and smiled.

“Yes.” He grabbed the front of Gabe’s T-shirt and pulled him down to him. Mace kissed him working his mouth to open Gabe’s and Gabe stiffened. Mace stroked his tongue into Gabe’s mouth. Lost in his taste, it took Mace a few moments to realise that he wasn’t returning his kiss. Mace withdrew and stepped back. Gabe stopped him, sliding his hands around his waist.

“I didn’t me—”

“You better damn well had meant to,” Gabe growled.

“But… You didn’t return it. You don’t want me.” Mace was humiliated.

“Wrong. I want you all right, but I want to know what changed between now and a few days ago.”

Mace didn’t know what to say. He watched Gabe’s brown eyes and realised now it was desire, which was all focused on him. It’d been so long since anyone had looked at him with that look—he’d forgotten how it felt when it was intently directed at him.

“Actually, it changed a few minutes ago.”

“Minutes? You’re not ready for this.” Gabe went to release him.

Mace held his arms against his waist, holding Gabe in place. “No. I admitted it a few minutes ago, but my subconscious already knew. I want you, Gabriel Simmons. From that first moment when I saw you at the bus stop but thought you weren’t the man I had come to find.” Mace grinned playfully. “I actually was attracted to the other man and dismissed you.”

“Do you really think telling the man you want to get into bed that you wanted someone else is a good way to go to convince him?” Gabe returned his grin.

“Maybe not for most men. But you’re confident enough to not mind.” Mace studied him. “I was attracted to him, but I was drawn to you.” He bit his lip. “You made…make me uneasy, but I’m drawn to you, Gabriel.”

“You keep calling me by my full name but I prefer for you call me Gabe.” Gabe lowered his lids then smiled a predatory grin. “Actually, I want you to scream it until you are hoarse.”

Mace’s breath caught. Gabe shifted his hold and lifted him up.

Mace grabbed his neck and moaned. “I called you by your full name so you could tell I was serious.”

“Okay.” Gabe turned and strode down the hall.

“Straight back and to the right.” Mace held onto the back of his neck as he carried him. “Rhett, I do declare you are strong.”

“You and Susan both said something similar. She mentioned Scarlett and now you, Rhett. What is with that?” Gabe glanced at him.

Gone With The Wind is her favourite movie.” Mace squeezed the back of Gabe’s neck. “We’ll talk about that another time. Talking about my mum at this moment is…”

“Weird. I agree.” Gabe turned into the open door of his room. “Let’s think of other things.”

He lowered Mace to the carpet, setting him on his feet. Gabe slid his hands on either side of Mace’s face. The calloused palms against his skin made him shiver. The intensity of his gaze made Mace’s breath stall.

“This is what I wanted to do when I first saw you.”

Gabe kissed him, pushing his tongue in between his lips, taking and not asking for entrance into his mouth. Mace groaned, opening wider and holding on as his legs went weak. Gabe lowered one hand, cupping his ass as he devastated him with his kiss.

His look attracts me, his voice makes me want to drag him off to the closest bed, his random touches made me ache, but oh Lord, his kiss makes me weak with need. What the hell will I do when we finally fuck?

  Copyright Talia Carmichael, 2013.
All Rights Reserved.

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