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Opposing Rhythms


Simply Sophisticated Publishing

Genre: Contemporary

Series: Impressions - Book 3

Format: E-Book




When a man who makes interesting objects from the CD’s of a musician he cannot abide the rhythm for meets him - the sparks are going to fly.

Niall Hilton cringes whenever he hears music from a group that used to be his favorite until after their second album. In his opinion Roarke McBride - the bands lead singer and songwriter – is to blame for the loss of rhythm that had made the band great. When a friend brings the singer into his home Niall is irritated by the intrusion and lets Roarke know his opinion on his music. The singer surprises him with a performance of his latest hits, which to Niall’s shock he actually enjoys. He’s stumped as to why. Although Niall plans not to see Roarke again the musician is determined to change his mind. As he gets to know him Niall is drawn beyond the persona of Roarke the superstar to the man – who is interesting and aggravating.

Roarke McBride is used to some people not enjoying his music and is usually able to shrug it off. Niall’s creations from his CD’s make him laugh thinking it’s a trick until Niall opens his mouth and insults him. Instead of taking it in stride as his norm Roarke is furious, at first. By the next day his thoughts are clear - Niall might hate his music but Roarke is determined to make the stunning man his. Niall was snarky, rude and blunt but as he gets to know him Roarke sees he would stand by his side and weather anything with him. In order for Niall and he to meld they will need to combine their…Opposing Rhythms.



Warning: This excerpt contains adult content. 18 and over only, please.


Roarke seemed surprised he was dressed. Niall viewed Roarke’s typical, casual clothing—jeans and a T-shirt with sneakers on his feet. The shirt hugged his chest, and the jeans his thighs. Roarke didn’t speak, just held out a cup of coffee. Niall took the cup, then placed it on the entry table.


Niall grabbed the front of Roarke’s shirt and kissed him. Roarke went stiff, then relaxed into the kiss. Niall swept his tongue inside his mouth, learning the taste of Roarke, who opened wide to accommodate his seeking. Niall explored his mouth, licking and sucking in his taste. Niall released him from the kiss. Roarke’s chest rose and fell as he breathed deeply. His eyelids fluttered, and his amber eyes came into view. They were more of a smoky colour.


“Well. Last week’s coffee didn’t get that reaction.” Roarke chuckled.


“Coffee can get me going, but that’s not what it is,” Niall said.


“Care to enlighten me?” Roarke put his index fingers into the loops of his pants, rocking back on his heels.


“After two weeks of your being underfoot, I’m actually considering giving you a chance. Gloating will get you nowhere,” Niall said coolly.


“Ahh…that sexy, cool tone. You know what that does to me.” Niall could see Roarke was watching his lips.


Niall stared at Roarke’s face, filled with need, and he moved at the same time Roarke reached for him. Niall gripped the back of his neck, kissing him hungrily. Roarke’s strong arms curled around him, holding him tightly. Niall moaned into their kiss, moving his lower half against Roarke. Roarke’s groan vibrated into his mouth as he shifted forward, manhandling Niall’s body. Roarke lifted him in his arms and Niall wrapped his legs around Roarke’s hips. Absently, Niall heard the door slam as Roarke carried him in the direction of the living room.

  Copyright Talia Carmichael, 2012.
All Rights Reserved.

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