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Ralston’s Way


Simply Sophisticated Publishing

Genre: Contemporary/Western

Series: Prentiss - Book 1

Format: E-Book




When the computer guru meets the rancher who likes things his way, who will have their way?

Blayne Dalton knows from their first introduction he will need all his calm reasonable skills to deal with Morgan Ralston. The rancher is aggravating and determined to avoid him. The calm he is known for goes out the window. He can’t decide if he’d rather deck him or kiss him senseless. How do you rope a cowboy? You teach him that not everything has to be his way.

Morgan Ralston likes things his way. On his ranch - MGR Ranch – he is the one who make the decisions. Well at least he is supposed to be. When his brother decides to hire a new office manager and cook he knows it will lead to nothing but disruptions. What he gets is not what he expected. The man who becomes his office manager is not a problem to the ranch. The trouble is of a more personal one – to his libido. Avoiding him doesn’t work. It’s time to approach this as he does everything else. After all when it comes down to it… there isn’t any other way but Ralston’s Way.



Warning: This excerpt contains adult content. 18 and over only, please.


“There’s a big truck in my yard that I wasn’t told about,” Morgan said mildly.

The narrowing of Blayne’s eyes let him know that he had heard the underlying rebuke. Blayne crossed his arms over his chest.

“If you would meet with me, as I have been asking you to do, you would know,” Blayne replied in the same mild tone.

“Tell me now.” Morgan refused to feel guilty.

“It’s the new computers for our system upgrade. They’re for in here, in the barns, and other places. Also for the breeding area,” Blayne replied.

Morgan nodded. He remembered Gibson saying something about Blayne upgrading their systems, and linking the computers that needed it to interface with the breeding operation. However, Morgan hadn’t known it would involve new computers. Blayne was shuffling papers on the desk.

“I need some place to put the equipment until I can get it all installed.”

“They’re not going to install it?”

Blayne glanced up and gave him a dirty look. “Like I would let them do that.” He went back to what he was doing.

“Fine. Put them in my office.”

Blayne paused, looking at him again. “Are you sure?”

“Go ahead. Shouldn’t be that bad,” Morgan said.

“Fine. I’m going to be swapping out the old systems for the new ones over the next few days.” Blayne picked up some papers and strode around the desk.

Morgan started after his retreating figure. Blayne paused in the office doorway.

“Is there anything else?” His tone was blatantly insolent.

“No.” Morgan bared his teeth.

Blayne leaned against the open doorway and studied him. After a few moments, he asked, “Is there a reason you’ve been avoiding me?”

Morgan stiffened. “I haven’t. I’ve been busy running my ranch.”

“Yeah, that’s what you’ve been doing. Keep telling yourself that.” Blayne made a flipping motion with his hand.

He turned and walked away. Morgan gritted his teeth. He wouldn’t admit it out loud, but Blayne’s words were very true. Gibson had filled him in on some of the things they had planned for the office, but had told him that he and Blayne needed to discuss some things. Morgan had waved it off, stating that he was too busy. Blayne could do what he wanted. He had ignored Gibson’s look and gone back to work. Blayne had been trying to get to talk to him for days, and he had been avoiding it. Morgan strode back outside. He glanced at Blayne, who was standing by the truck with the driver. Blayne glanced up, then away. A woof made him look down.

“Traitor,” he said to Dwayne.

Dwayne woofed again. Morgan patted his head. Dwayne ran to Blayne. Morgan frowned, then went to the barn. Drake waited for him by the door.

“Sure is a big truck,” Drake said.

“It’s computers. He’s upgrading them. He’s replacing the ones in various barns and places. He’ll probably need to get into your house to do the one in your office. He’s creating some sort of program to link them all.” Morgan frowned. ”He mentioned other places, too.”

“What other places?” Drake asked.

Morgan stared at him. Drake gave him a funny look.

“Morgan, you don’t know.”

Morgan pushed him out of his way. He ignored Drake’s bark of laughter.

  Copyright Talia Carmichael, 2019.
All Rights Reserved.

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