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 Reckless Behavior


Simply Sophisticated Publishing

Genre: Contemporary

Series: Impressions - Book 1

Format: E-Book




Aidan Vaughn lets himself be swept into a night of passion with a sexy younger man. After their one night of pleasure, Aidan believes he’s seen the last of him. But fate has other plans. The hot young man is crossing his path again and is making his intentions clear. Aidan considers him off limits, at least by his own rules. Yet, Aidan finds himself wondering…was once really enough?

Enrique Matthews is not one to pass up opportunities. And he sure as hell wasn't about to with this one. It didn't matter if it was luck or coincidence that he found the hot older gentleman with whom he’d had one memorable night. Now he had to convince Aidan he wanted more than a one night stand. Will determination and seduction get him what he desires? Enrique was willing, able, and limber enough to engage in a little … hell, a lot… of Reckless Behaviour to get what he wanted … this sexy man for his, now and forever.



Warning: This excerpt contains adult content. 18 and over only, please.


“All you have to do is say yes to giving us a shot, Aidan. One little word.” He was whispering against Aidan’s lips.

Aidan wouldn’t look at him and refused to speak. Enrique smiled. Now that he knew he was getting to Aidan, he would wait to hear the words. It would go against his usual way of going full throttle for what he wanted, but he wanted Aidan to say it, because once he did, he was not letting him go.

“I’m going to enjoy hearing you say yes, Aidan,” Enrique whispered, still against Aidan’s lips. “Until then.”

Enrique leant in and kissed him. It was hungry, rough and encompassing. Aidan whimpered and grabbed his head. Enrique hissed as Aidan sucked hungrily on his tongue. Aidan’s fingers clenched in Enrique’s hair, loosening it from its bindings. Enrique leaned against Aidan, rubbing against his hard erection. Aidan made hungry sounds in the back of his throat. Using his tenuous control, Enrique pulled away.

“Is that yes, Aidan?” he asked hoarsely.

“No.” Aidan gulped, breathing hard.

Enrique growled, then kissed him thoroughly again before stepping away. Aidan sagged, then caught himself. Enrique stepped back, watching him. He put his thumbs in the loops at the waist of his jeans. He placed his hands fingers-down, framing his erection.

“When you do say yes, then this is all yours. Until then, I’ll keep touching you, since you like it so much,” Enrique promised.

“I…didn’t say that. Just wondering why you had backed off. But you were right to, since we can’t,” Aidan replied.

“We will,” Enrique vowed.

He studied Aidan, with his glistening lips, laboured breathing and the straining erection in his black slacks. Aidan raised shaking hands and pushed back his short, messy dark hair. Whistling, Enrique turned and swaggered to the other door and out of the classroom.

  Copyright Talia Carmichael, 2019.
All Rights Reserved.

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