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Simply Sophisticated Publishing

Genre: Contemporary

Series: Something in Common  - Book 3

Format: E-Book




When Gerald Ramirez and retired rock star Bur Jenkins meet, it’s not exactly love at first sight. Actually, Gerald thinks Bur is using their mutual friend, and Bur seems to get a kick out of messing with Gerald.

To be honest, Gerald’s never been attracted to another man. But then Bur admits he’s attracted to Gerald, and now Gerald can’t stop thinking about what the two of them might be like together. After proving to himself he’s not interested in any other men, Gerald comes forward with an admission of his own: he’s interested in Bur, and he wants to give dating a shot.

Bur never dared to hope for this, but the chance to get close to Gerald is too tempting to resist, even though Bur is sure their relationship will crash and burn. After all, they’re completely mismatched….



Warning: This excerpt contains adult content. 18 and over only, please.


“Gerald. To you, my name is Gerald.”

“Like it fucking matters. You know what? You keep your distance from me, or I’ll kick in your kneecaps.” Bur flipped him the bird and turned.

“Potty mouth and violent. No wonder I’m attracted to you,” Gerald said.

Bur clenched his fist, then turned back, letting it swing. Gerald caught it and yanked him against his bigger frame.

“Mother-fucking wanker.”

“I don’t even know what a wanker is, but I bet it’s something nasty.”

“Asshole. You understand that?” Bur struggled.

Gerald held him effortlessly. Bur shifted his leg. This close, it wouldn’t be a solid shot, but he could hurt Gerald’s knee. He moved his leg.

“Shut up, Bur.”

“Don’t fucking—”

Gerald kissed him. Bur stilled his leg and stiffened. Gerald moved back a little and whispered, “Kiss me back. Act like you mean it.” Gerald’s tone was challenging.

Bur stared into his dark, almost black gaze, then leaned forward. Gerald met him. Bur pushed his tongue against the seam of Gerald’s lips. Gerald opened, letting him in. Bur kissed him, stroking his tongue deep into the recesses of his mouth. He slid his arms around Gerald’s broad shoulders, holding him tightly. Gerald’s groan filled his mouth. He rocked against Bur, grinding his erection on him. At the proof of his desire, Bur lost it. He used Gerald’s shoulders as leverage and lifted his leg. He moved it up Gerald’s hip. Gerald gripped the back of his leg, pulling him closer. He cupped Bur’s ass, kneading it with his other hand. Bur twisted, creating friction between their erections. Gerald wrenched his lips from Bur’s. Bur blinked. He hadn’t even known when he’d closed his lids. Gerald’s gaze was as dazed as Bur was sure his was.

  Copyright Talia Carmichael, 2019.
All Rights Reserved.

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