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The Law of Desire


Simply Sophisticated Publishing

Genre: Contemporary/Western

Series: Encounters - Book 1

Format: E-Book




Brian Holmes has been too busy building the fire investigation unit he heads to think of getting involved with anyone. But when he meets rancher Vic Masterson in the middle of an unexpected shootout, he’s drawn to him just the same. Brian doesn’t know what he wants, so he decides to wait it out. Of course, that doesn’t mean they can’t explore a few kisses in the meantime.

Vic is willing to go along with the experiment, but he wants Brian for keeps. Let Brian call the shots; Vic will make sure things go his way. Each moment they spend together makes Vic more certain there’s something special growing between them, but for the experiment to be a success, he has to make Brian see they’re a perfect match for the long haul.



Warning: This excerpt contains adult content. 18 and over only, please.


“Who the hell did you piss off enough to want to kill you?” Brian bared his teeth. “Scratch that. Having been in your presence such a short time, a list of who you didn’t would be shorter.”


Vic chuckled. “You’re a funny guy. I’ll have you know, I’m someone people usually like. Now my cousin Noah, on the other hand, could give you a list.” Vic paused, looking speculative, then shook his head. “Then again, it would take too long.”


Having met Noah, Brian knew exactly what Vic was referring to. The man got along better with animals, who, as he said, didn’t talk back.


“I’m tired of hiding.” Vic shifted, balancing on the balls of his feet, and lifted his rifle.


Brian, knowing what he was about to do, grabbed his arm. Shaking his head, he said, “I’ll handle it. Stay.”


Vic lowered his rifle and gazed at Brian. “Woof.”


Brian blinked, then stared at him. “Did you just say ‘woof’?”


Vic inclined his head.


“For the love of God. No one said he was crazy,” Brian muttered.


“I’m not crazy.” Vic smirked. “I’m just responding to your command to stay, since, obviously, you seem to be under the impression I’m a dog.”


The words were mild, but Brian felt uneasy anyhow.


“I know you’re not a dog, but I’m not going to let you just start shooting,” Brian stated firmly. “This is a job for the police, and we're going to wait until they get here. I used to be a police officer, and I know sometimes when civilians try to help they are more of a hindrance. If there is any shooting needed, I’ll be the one to shoot.”


“And how do you plan to stop me?” The tone was as amused as before.


“I’m not going to stop you.” Brian studied the enigmatic face. “I’m asking you to let me protect you. And you’re going to agree and give me your rifle.”


Vic didn’t say anything for a while, then handed him the gun. Brian put his gun back in his side holster and accepted the weapon. He couldn’t resist. “See? You’re staying. Good boy.”


“Pushing your luck,” Vic growled. Then he asked, “Does your cat do as it’s told?”


“Never.” Brian chuckled. “Listening to me is a good thing.”


More shots came. Brian lifted up, holding the rifle, and shot in quick succession toward where the gunshots were coming from. He heard the echo of other fire from right beside him. Brian stopped, and there was no return fire. He glanced at Vic and noted he had Brian’s pistol in his hand.


“What happened to stay?”


“Woof,” Vic repeated, then grinned. “I’m not good at taking orders.”

  Copyright Talia Carmichael, 2019.
All Rights Reserved.

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