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Simply Sophisticated Publishing

Genre: Contemporary

Series: Something in Common  - Book 5

Format: E-Book




Alex Hayes doesn’t get involved. He’s been hurt before and has no desire to repeat the experience. Besides, his friends are his family. He doesn’t need anything else. Or so he thinks until he comes face-to-face with Leslie “Maestro” Hannigan… again.


Two years ago, Alex was the one that got away. But now Leslie knows his name and he isn’t going to lose him twice—especially when it’s plain to see that Alex is interested in Leslie too. Alex may think Leslie is trouble… but he’s the very best kind.



Warning: This excerpt contains adult content. 18 and over only, please.


Alex glanced at him again, and Leslie winked. He lifted his beer, and took a sip to cover his smile as Alex headed toward him. Robert trailed after him, looking amused. Alex stopped directly in front of him.

“If you take my car, I won’t call the cops. I’ll deal with you myself.” Alex narrowed his eyes.

Leslie glanced down at Alex’s clenched fist, then reached out for it. He moved slowly enough that Alex could have moved if he didn’t want Leslie to touch him. Alex stood still. Leslie lifted Alex’s hand, uncurling his fingers, then shook it.

“Nice to see you, Alex.”

“I’ve met you before.”

“I know. That’s why I said nice to see you,” Leslie replied.

“I’ve seen you and I still want to deck you.” Alex frowned.

Leslie studied him. “That’s not all you want to do.”

Alex stiffened and tried to pull his hand away. Leslie held it, rubbing his thumb along the top of Alex’s.

“When did they meet before?” Hector asked.

“At Bacchus Sloan, the day I met Miguel. Leslie was our waiter,” Robert said.

“Is this the one….” Mackenzie began, and Leslie turned his gaze to his brother.

“Yes.” He glanced at the other men around him and stated firmly, “Leave it.” Then he focused back on Alex.

“The one what?” Alex demanded.

Leslie studied the rigid way Alex held himself, then shrugged. “You’re not ready to hear it yet.”

Alex jerked his hand away. “That urge is getting stronger.”

“They say aggression is a way of acting out your sexual frustrations,” Leslie replied.

The others around them chuckled. They were used to his blunt ways.

“Maybe. But then again, it could just be your presence makes people prone to violence.” Alex’s eyes crinkled at the corners.

“I’ve been told that a few times.” Leslie laughed and Alex joined in.

“I completely understand why. And if you think you’re going to pull on me what you did to Del, don’t try. I’m meaner and I don’t mind spending time in jail,” Alex warned.

“When I saw you, I decided not to take your car.”

Alex looked surprised, then suspicious. “So you were going to steal it.”

“He doesn’t steal it. He borrows it, then gives it back! Or, supposedly that’s what he does,” Del called from where he sat, playing a hand of poker.

Leslie’s smiled widened. Del didn’t believe that for a minute and was still trying to work out ways to get him arrested.

“As Del said, I was going to borrow it, but I’ve changed my mind.”

“Okay. That’s a good thing. My car is not leaving my garage,” Alex sounded adamant.

“It won’t,” he assured Alex.

“Your mouth is saying you won’t, but your eyes are saying you’re up to something. I can already tell, you’re going to be trouble.”

“I could say so many things about your noticing my mouth, but I’ll resist.” Leslie winked. “And I am trouble, but of the very best kind. I keep my word. Your car won’t leave your garage.”

Alex lowered his lids and he licked his lips, but he still wore the suspicious expression. “Wh—”

  Copyright Talia Carmichael, 2019.
All Rights Reserved.

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