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Wicked Alliance


Simply Sophisticated Publishing

Genre: Contemporary/Romantic Suspense

Series: Bonds of Justice - Book 2

Format: E-Book




To find a family heirloom a man must ask for help from a man who he has been fighting his attraction for. They join forces and find that they have more in common than either expected.

Detective Hunter Montgomery finds himself personally involved when a family heirloom is stolen. To find the culprits of the

robbery ring he has to approach Brooks – the one man who pushes all his buttons. He is attracted to Brooks but knows that he is never going to make any advance since what he and Brooks are looking for are different as they are. They form an unlikely alliance to track down the heirlooms. As they work together he can’t figure Brooks out. The man comes across as if nothing bothers him yet when Hunter asks for his help Brooks not only agrees he becomes more to him than Hunter expects. As the case gets more complicated so does his interaction’s with Brooks. The need he feels flares and Hunter is unable to resist the temptation that’s Brooks. As the heat between them rises so does the case they both want solved.

Brooks Walters is willing to work with Hunter even if the man doesn’t like him. Since their first meeting Brooks goes out of his way to antagonize the usually infallible detective. Each and every time the man gets annoyed and rude with him Brooks finds it is more amusing than anything else. There is something about the tall, sexy detective that he finds irresistible. Hunter has all the things he likes in a man – loyal, protective and he is able to match wits with Brooks. When the case he is working on with Hunter heats up so does their passion. With each new clue on the robberies it becomes apparent that the case is more complicated that either of them had known. Brooks will go out of his way to make sure the man who has slid into his life will succeed in their Wicked Alliance.



Warning: This excerpt contains adult content. 18 and over only, please.


When he arrived in front of Walters Antiques, he thought of his mom predicting he’d come—she’d have a laugh when she found out she’d been right.

Hunter pulled open the door and went inside. He looked around for Brooks, and when he spotted the man his breath caught. All he could see of Brooks was his perfect bubble butt as he bent over what looked to be a huge trunk of some kind. Hunter stepped closer, then to the side. The top half of Brooks’ body was out of view inside the trunk. Suddenly, Brooks jerked upright and turned his head towards Hunter. Brooks studied him—his green-eyed gaze was impassive, then that smirk Hunter hated curled his lips. Then dimples appeared on each side of Brooks’ mouth.

Brooks turned fully, and involuntarily Hunter’s gaze dropped, taking in Brooks’ usual clothing. His T-shirt was a dark grey, his jacket pale cream and his jeans black. Each item fit his lean frame perfectly. Hunter looked away from temptation and to his face. Brooks was too attractive for Hunter’s own good. Brooks was what one would call classically handsome, with features that melded to make him interesting to look at. Brooks lifted a hand, pushing back his blond hair that was in wild disarray, then moved towards Hunter. Whenever he saw Brooks move, Hunter was reminded of a predator. His movements looked casual, but there was a restrained power, which could at any moment become deadly. From the little Hunter knew about Brooks’ background, he was quite capable of violence. During a previous case, he’d discovered that Brooks was ex-military, retired for about ten years. As for what he had done in the military, all they had been told was that it was classified. It was aggravating not to know more—just as aggravating as the man himself.

It’s not that ‘A’ word. Try attractive. Come on, admit it. You’re attracted to the pain in the ass. Hunter ignored the voice in his head, as he had for months.

No way was he even going there. He might be drawn sexually to Brooks, but he could see just from looking at him that Brooks wasn’t one for anything long-term. At this stage in his life, that was all Hunter was looking for. He’d done the casual sex thing, and it didn’t work for him. He wanted what his parents had had. Brooks might be a temptation, but Hunter wasn’t ruled by his libido. Everything he had seen from being around Brooks confirmed his impressions of the man—Brooks flirted with almost everyone. Thankfully, Hunter had been spared from it. If Brooks had tried, he might have decked him. That was also the problem. Hunter was attracted to Brooks, but equally, he wanted to hit him. Brooks pushed his buttons, and Hunter didn’t like it one bit.

“Detective, to what do I owe this most unexpected visit?”

Brooks’ baritone was smooth, but packed the punch of whisky, straight, taken in one gulp.  

How would he sound with me buried deep within his body? Hunter wondered, as he had so many times.

  Copyright Talia Carmichael, 2019.
All Rights Reserved.

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