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  The Right Choice


About the Series

Unexpected meeting or changing the way you view someone can lead you to someone who you might never had expected to be drawn too. Attraction can flare instantaneously and be so powerful that you give in without knowing what your heart desire. But once the passion clears you find that that one person makes you forget all about the why we shouldn’t and think of the reasons for yes I will be with you. And only you. In the sensual journey to being a couple there is only one-way to go. It will combine your life with…The Right Choice.



   Titles appear in chronological order, in series reading order.


After the Fall

Simply Sophisticated Publishing

Genre: Contemporary

Series Order: Book 1

Format: E-Book


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Interconnected Series

This series is connected by being set in same city as the following series.

From time to time charcaters could make an apperance in the below series.


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